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Budapest, Hungary : What to do and where to go

With the beautiful memories of Greek islands in our hearts, we reached the next destination of our Europe trip, Budapest. As it was our first day and we were exhausted after the flight, we were not in a mood to do any crazy touristy stuff. Also, our Airbnb was so spacious and pinterest-y that we didn’t actually want to leave it. There were a lot of options for properties on Airbnb and but we were very lucky to get this hot selling property at a great price.

Top and footwear : Lulu & Sky, Skirt : FabAlley

In the evening, after resting for a little while, we went to have street food at Karavan. We had some of the most famous street foods of Budapest, like Langos. It is a fat pizza crust, deep-fried and served with different toppings. We ordered the classic one, which had cheese and sour cream as the topping and it was so heavy that me and my friend couldn’t even finish half of it. The other thing we tried was a very famous Hungarian dessert, Chimney Cake. It’s a dough roll (we went for a unicorn colored one), cooked and made crispy on coal and served with your choice of toppings, I had vanilla syrup and walnuts. Budapest is known for its parties and we were very happy to be there on the weekend. So, before calling it a night we stopped by a few clubs to get a peek into the party life of Budapest.

Top : StalkBuyLove, Jeans : Primark, Footwear : Lulu & Sky

We kept the next 2 days merely for sightseeing, as Budapest is a very big city that is divided into different parts and it cannot be covered in one day.

On the second day, we took a hop-on, hop-off bus and our first stop was the topmost point of Budapest and believe me the view from there was amazing. After that, we went to the Buda Castle, the castle was so beautiful and fascinating. We also visited the Fisherman’s Bastion church and we even saw a bride and groom being send-off by their families after the wedding. We got some really nice pictures at these places as everything around was so picturesque. After all the exploring, we just wanted to eat some good food and on our way back, it started pouring rather heavily. So, we just entered the first restaurant in our sight which surprisingly had delicious Italian food. After dinner, my friend Deepanshi went for the famous Budapest Bath, which I totally regret not going as I was super unwell with sinus. But there’s always a next time! 😀

To kick start our exploring spree, on third day, we started with some yummy choco-chip pancakes and coffee. We visited some more monuments on our hop on hop off bus, clicked a hell lot of pictures and did the usual touristy stuff. For lunch, we went to an authentic Middle Eastern restaurant, HummusBar which we spotted while roaming around on the streets. After that, we went for a boat ride with a gorgeous view and it was so much fun paddling a boat after such a long time. At night, a ship tour to the Budapest parliament was awaiting us. The parliament looked magnificent with all the lighting and it is one of the must-see things, when in Budapest.

Top : Ranna Hill, Culottes : StalkBuyLove, Footwear : Lulu & Sky, Glasses : Zara

It was our last night in Budapest, so we went to the very famous ruin bars and it was one of a kind experience, totally recommend. It was an ideal way to end our Budapest trip and get ready for our next adventure.

Stay tuned for my next travel blog on Prague🙂

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