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They say, clothing represents who you are.
And I say one’s clothing not only represents who they are, but also the choices they make, conscious choices. It is an expression of one’s emotion and this is why, I started Bees and Baubles two years back to reflect my love for fashion, clothing and its essence.

I have always been drawn toward trends, styles and fashion.

Bees and Baubles is a journey, which I embarked upon few years back in my life, believing in my dreams, and it happily remains the most crucial part of my life.
It has been a reflection of my personal belongingness to fashion, my personality and emotions.
I perceive fashion as a sense of one’s being and identity, how you wish to go that extra mile, not just to look good but also to feel good, solely for your own purpose.

Bees and Baubles has been associated with brands like Calvin Klein, GAS, Satyapaul, LG, Coca-cola, Myntra and we are still counting. Delhi and Bombay has been the most active work spaces for Bees and Baubles. Along with Fashion and styling, Bees and Baubles is also a Travel and Lifestyle Blogging enterprise.

At Bees and Baubles, we are on this beautiful path to blend style and happiness in the most comfortable way possible. There were a lot helping hands around me who not only supported me during the initial phase, but also helped me create what is known as Bees and Baubles.

It has always left me filled with nothing but pure happiness and gratitude, to the never ending bees who are joining me to be a part of the bigger picture.

-Himanshi Goel

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