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“Favourite ootd- My Own Skin’’

Being the impulsive compulsive maniac you all know me to be, this blog that I hold so dear today started on spur of the moment!

A Delhi University Graduate, Styling and Blogging were never a part of my ‘Five Year Plan’. Fashion for me was simply an outlet for my Personal Style, and gave me freedom from all my inhibitions.

Styling my friends for special events and most of the time just for fun was the most rewarding part of my college days and probably what gave a flying start to my career.

I founded my blog in ’15, out of sheer curiosity to learn about this new found field and love for vogue. The astounding response I got from you guys on my first few blogs is what kept me going then and what keeps me going now. That’s when I decided to take up blogging as a profession, against all odds, and have never looked back since.

Bees and Baubles, what started just as my blog name, has become a brand in itself and has been associated with renowned fashion, luxury, travel, beauty and lifestyle brands.

No matter how many styles I change, no matter how many high-end brands I endorse, my favourite outfit of the day will always be my own skin, and I promise to carry it with the grace, love and appreciation it deserves!

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