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Anupamaa Mangar – a respite in a designer retreat

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You all must have already seen me going crazy over Anupamaa Dayal mangar’s retreat from my pictures on the ‘gram. I know it’s been long since I have visited this place but still it is so much on my mind till now.

“Anupamaa Mangar” is not just another house its the essence of what Anupamaa herself is all about. I drove myself to this boutique property in a mystical village near Gurgaon Faridabad Highway called ‘Mangar’. Stepping into Anupamaa Dayal’s spanking retreat in the middle of nowhere was a little like falling down Alice’s rabbit hole. This whole experience curated by The Wanderous Tribe.

“I love the unreal. That Mangar can exist feels a little like a fantasy. So close to a congested, oxygen deprived metropolis. A tiny green jungle village cocooned tight in a ring of Arravalli mountains. Tinkling goat bells, pastoral villagers and peacocks everywhere. How could I not dig roots here!

And the forest is a sacred forest. Legend has it that a mystic, Gudariya Baba entered a cave in the village and never came out. Villagers have never allowed trees to be touched in Mangar. This has also become a rich eco system with rare bird and butterfly sightings and some almost extinct tree species.” – You can get the idea about the beauty of mangar by this description told by Anupamaa herself.

Taking cue from the designer’s artistic and creative sensibilities, Anupamaa Mangar is done up tastefully. The whole place gives a very bohemian vibes. . It felt nothing short of surreal to shoot my look at this gorgeous little boutique retreat designed and conceptualized by the designer herself.We all were given the beautiful signature printed silk dress by Anupamaa Dayal to style and wear during our stay at the property.All the locations inside this retreat were so instragram worthy. Annnnd how can I not talk about food at the retreat. The food was all made with local produce by the family cook which were so organic and nutritious.










One rarely gets an opportunity to find a place, which is a perfect blend of art, fashion, culture and intellect. But this is one such place where I have got all the experiences together. You can also experience this beautiful place by booking it on Airbnb (yayy :p).

These beautiful pictures were captured by Manoj Rawat .

Wearing: Anupamaa Dayal .

Jewelry: Citrus .

Cant wait to experience it again.You guys too go and have a perfect weekend getaway here.

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