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When in Berlin : A guide to all the places you need to go

The largest city of Germany, Berlin was the last destination of our Europe trip. With such a vast history, Berlin is a city that has something for everyone. You can go there for the food, the museums or the night life and believe me you won’t be disappointed. We were in Berlin for 3 days and they were definitely not enough to explore this wonderful city.

We reached Berlin after our very long 25 days trip, so on the first day we didn’t do much. We wanted the day to be a chilled and relaxing one, so we did just a little bit of exploring and went to the Berlin Wall. It is a wall that divided East and West Berlin from 1961 to 1989. It looked so spectacular, that it was almost hard to believe that it had such a sad history attached to it. That was enough exploring for our first day in Berlin and after that we went to the very famous Beer Garden, Brlo Brwhouse which was just at the back of the hotel we were staying in. We chilled, had some really nice beers and ended the night.

Top & Shoes & bag : Lulu & Sky, Shorts : Forever 21, Glasses: Primark London.

Our second day in Berlin started early, as we had a lot of exploring to do. There are a lot of things to see in Berlin, so we booked a city tour. We wanted to get an in-depth insight into the history of Berlin. We did everything touristy and I was really amazed by the beauty of all the monuments we visited and the great history attached to it. We also went to the Memorial to the murdered jews of Europe, which is one of the biggest memorial built in the memory of Jewish victims of the Holocaust. After getting in touch with the historical side of Berlin, it was time to get a taste of the famous night life. So, to end the day we stopped by some clubs, joined club hopping and had the best time.

Shorts : Primark, Top : Zara Greece, Footwear & Glasses : Lulu & Sky

On our last day, we went to the outskirts of Berlin to visit Hitler’s Concentration Camp, Sachsenhausen Detention Camp. It was an interesting experience visiting the camp, but I was quite terrified and sad after hearing all those stories about the people being tortured there (a small glimpse is there on my instagram highlights, check it if you may). The camp was so huge that it took us almost 4-5 hours just to cover a part of it. In the evening, we came back to Berlin and chilled at a club with few friends we made during the camp tour.

Shorts : Primark, Footwear : Lulu & Sky, Shirt: Thrift Store in Budapest, Hat: Topshop
Hitler’s Concentration Camp

At night, we went for shopping as we didn’t shop the entire trip and after that we went to the Brlo Brwhouse, as it was our last night and how could we leave without having the famous German beer.

So, this is how our almost a month long Europe trip was and we were all ready to head back home with all the wonderful memories.

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