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Greece is a country of renowned legends, history and beaches.  With over 200 petite dreamy islands, you will find yourself entrapped in the breath-taking beauty of sandy beaches and pristine shores. Greece, will leave you craving for more. A pearl in the Mediterranean Sea, Greece has a couple of islands dotted in the Aegean Sea. A host to all the prettiest beaches on earth, whether you hop in one beach or ten, the place will indelibly make a mark on your heart. After my stunning and dreamy Greece vacation, I have curated a list of five of my favourite and best beaches in Greece. Here you go:

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1) Paradise Beach-Super Paradise(Mykonos)

As the name says it all, this beach is a little paradise in Mykonos. Particularly for those who look for party spots at an unfussy beach. Here, literally you don’t stop partying till its dawn. Interestingly, this place is also known for skinny dipping, nude parties and the gay life. So, dance your way to a new world and remember to keep your inhibitions away.

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A few miles away from the Paradise Beach lies the Super Paradise Beach. Lurk into this beach for soft, golden sands and turquoise waters and land on the paradise on earth.

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2) White Beach (Santorini)

Crowded with honeymoon couples, this beach is an ideal settlement for all your romantic fantasies. The beach is serene and isolated. This beach lets you unwind and forget everything about tomorrow.

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3) Navagio “ShipWreck” Beach (Zakynthos)

The third largest of Ionian Islands, this beach is reachable by boat only. It derived its name from the stranded Ship on the beach. This is one of the most photographed beaches of Greece.To the crystal clear turquoise waters of Greece and to the limestone cliff poised strategically on this, the scenery will take you to your Dreamland. If you guys remember, I hiked a long way only to get the best view of this beach, and it was so worth it. It was so aesthetically pleasing that pictures can’t ever do justice to it.

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4) Red and Black Sand Beach (Santorini)

The chronicles of the dormant volcano and its swirling rumours of eruption resulted in this beach.  This beach is not accessible by foot, so we had to take a ferry ride from Santorini to reach here.The scenery is overwhelming. The sun sinking in the back, the psychedelic hues of the sea and the soft black sand beach,what else can you wish for?

5) Papas (Ios)

From the family of Cycadelic islands, this island is silent and tranquil. This sweet little place is a treat for all uninterrupted time that you wanted to spend with yourself. After partying Greek-style all day and night, this secluded place, hidden amidst the verdant landscape gave me pure bliss. I think this beach is perfect to rejuvenate and head back to your journey with a clear and fresh mind.

My trip was everything I ever dreamed of and so much more. It gave me a much needed break and rejuvenation.

Hope you guys will find this useful! Comment and tell me what do you want to know about my trip in my next blog.

Until next time, keep dreaming and keep travelling.

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