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The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Beachwear (Plus Why I Didn’t Love Sri Lankan Beaches)

Outfit Details: Awegust
Outfit Details: Awegust

Swimsuits and summer is synonymous for me so I was really looking forward to a coastal vacation in Sri Lanka last month. Prepping my wardrobe for this vacation was quite a lot of fun honestly. I was trying to find staple pieces which would be the opposite of boring. Here’s my basic explanation of the kind of theme that was in my mind while finalizing the outfits with my styling assistant Akshita.

Dress: Doodlage

I always make it a point that I wear light and bright colours which soothe your eyes and are clearly meant for the day. The colour palette includes all kinds of brights and whites, and of course, pastels.

If I am allowed to make just one request to you all out there, it would be this: Don’t wear black or something dark! Generally I have noticed that most people gravitate more towards black and blue, so I would strongly recommend you to not restrict yourself that way. Try to experiment a little bit with colours, and I promise you won’t regret it!

Wearing: Doodlage

Apart from colours, comfort was one of my biggest priorities.

I was very clear in my mind beforehand that all the clothing should be very comfortable because I had to be in it for a number of hours outdoors- spending time travelling, exploring, and everything else you’d want to do on a vacation. So it had to be comfortable at each point of time, whether it’s a swimsuit or dress.

Wearing: Shein

Personally for beachwear, I am comfortable in wearing anything. It’s not like I’m only comfortable in a particular set of things. Although a tip to follow while styling a pear-shaped body would be to highlight the best part of your body, which could be your midriff area. A skater dress which covers up your arms and bust area could work out for you as well.

Wearing: Femella

If you’re going for something tight; opt for a breathable fabric in which you can be comfortable and can roam around without worries.

I prefer lose fits and flowy dresses on the beach which have an added advantage of looking extremely aesthetic in photos. I also don’t go for nets or anything metallic. Don’t go for anything which is not suitable for your body because you’ll be out for the whole day and you’ll have to be comfortable for sure.

Wearing: Stalk Buy Love | Ring: Joker & Witch

Another major aspect while choosing your clothes is that the quality of clothes should be good. It should not itch your body and should be absolutely comfortable while wearing. It should fit nicely to your body as well, so that you’re not conscious anywhere of how it is looking.

You can also carry a sarong, a cover-up, or a beach shrug which you can wear to the beach and can use to cover yourself up always.

Wearing: Bleu De Perle

If you’re not comfortable in wearing a bikini, at least try a monokini or a one-piece swimsuit once and see how that works for you, because that covers more area of your body. And lastly, dresses are always an option if nothing else works!

Additionally, do carry 1 or 2 options of bags. I suggest you carry a nice quality bag which is
waterproof if you’re going to the beach so that all your things like your camera and your phone don’t
get dirty and spoilt quickly. The one which I had was a PVC plastic one as you can see in the photo.

Wearing: Bleu De Perle | Bag : Mio Borsa

In your bags, always carry 2 coastal vacay essentials: sunscreen and hats. Always put sunscreen on your whole body, especially on a beach vacation, no matter how covered your clothes are. Minimum to minimum on those parts of the body which are exposed to sunlight. Also, not really a styling tip but don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Lastly for footwear, you can always and always bet on flats. I simply carry 2-3 different types of flats which can go with everything.


Wearing: Shi Bui | Bag: Mio Borsa | Accesories: Joker & Witch

So the bad experience about some of the beaches I visited…

After a very Body Positive Guide that I’ve presented to you above of how you should try to experiment and push your comfort zone, it would be unfair of me not to share the ground reality of a major problem I faced in Sri Lanka.

Wearing: Piccolina | Earrings: Valliyan

The private beaches there were very clean and had a good, decent crowd of tourists coming in. But the bad experience was that the public beaches, I don’t know how to put this, but the crowd was really cheap and bad. (the crowd in terms of the people working there in the shacks and locals). It felt quite unsafe wearing a bikini.

So basically I was wearing a bikini, but eventually I had to wear a dress over it. I could not be there just in a bikini. That was the real scenario I personally faced, and it’s sad that even in 2019 that us women have to think twice before stepping outside while wearing a swimsuit. I know that we are no strangers to leering eyes no matter where we are or what we wear, but I was completely shaken in that moment when I was on the beach.

Wearing: Forever 21

Another thing was that some of the public beaches were also extremely dirty- there was a lot of plastic and trash in the water and the sand. The degradation was to the point that you couldn’t walk barefoot on the beach.

Accessories: Joker & Witch

Unawatuna Beach in particular was very dirty and honestly I would not recommend anyone to go there. There were a lot of insects, mosquitoes- it was unclean to an extreme level. And the water was also really polluted. The kids were literally throwing plastic in the water in front of me. But I could not do anything because there were a lot of kids and I couldn’t stop them.

All this was not an attempt to dampen your spirits regarding a vacation, or me calling out someone or spilling the tea. I just felt a strong responsibility to speak my own truth, and make you realise that a lot of reality is hidden behind the perfect pictures of travel bloggers (including mine). While I always try to spread Body Positivity and Good Vibes through my Insta profile, this blog actually has given me space to share my feelings with you, my closest followers.

Wearing: Shein | Bag: Mio Borsa

Thanks for reading, and I hope to come back soon with more content. 🙂


Photographer : Prateek Khatri

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