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Diwali with Propshop24


It’s Diwali and my excitement levels can give a complex to a person sitting on a roller coaster ride. Okay, bad example. But, you get the feel, right!? Well, I can say without a shadow of doubt that this is my favourite festival. The whole city is gleaming with lights, there’s hustle and bustle everywhere, beautiful clothes to wear, meeting your loved ones after such a long time and most importantly the gifts we exchange. No matter how exciting this is, it takes so much time and efforts to choose that one perfect gift that will make the other person happy.

I would suggest you guys to log on to the site of Propshop24 and checkout the amazing products they offer. They have got such vast varieties of products from funky diaries to phone covers to such cool wall clocks (perfect diwali presents)! All this at such great prices that you will thank me later. Also, you guys can apply the code: BeesandBaubles to get a 15% additional discount till 24th November (who’s you favorite blogger now!? :p).

I have always had a thing for quirky designs and looking at their products, you can imagine my delight! I ordered a ‘Play it cool’ diary, quirky phone cover, a piggy key chain which also acts like a little torch and a super cool vinyl wall clock. It was so hard and confusing to choose from their products given that each product is equally good. You name it, they have it.

Log onto to Propshop24 here and order some really good stuff for yourself and your family this Diwali. Do share the pictures of the products you order with me and let me know which product you liked the most from this post in the comments.









Happy Diwali to all my BaubleBess! You guys are love. Have a great and definitely a cracker free diwali. Wish you guys all the happiness and success!

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