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LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 01: Actor Eddie Redmayne attends the launch of the Globemaster, the worlds first master chronometer, hosted by OMEGA and brand ambassador Eddie Redmayne at Mack Sennett Studios on March 1, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for OMEGA)

OMEGA celebrates the launch of the World’s First Master Chronometer with a glamorous toast to the Globemaster in the city where stars are born.

Oscar-winning actor and OMEGA ambassador Eddie Redmayne joined a host of VIP guests at Mack Sennett Studios to celebrate the release of a timepiece many years in the making. The release of the Globemaster is a proud moment for OMEGA, as it marks the end of a long and challenging journey and the start of a whole new era in watchmaking.

The Master Chronometer testing standards; set by the fiercely independent Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), are the toughest in the industry, comprised of 8 rigorous tests over 10 days. The Globemaster is the first OMEGA timepiece to emerge from this new testing.

Eddie Redmayne, an actor renowned for his bold choice of roles and classic sense of style, is a fan of the Globemaster and the rich heritage of the Swiss watchmaking brand.  He wore a Globemaster to the event and spoke about his relationship with OMEGA and his love of quality watches.





 “There’s a romance to traditional watches – a history.  There’s something sincere and honest about them, a sort of integrity. I love OMEGA’s legacy; watches for the Airforce, the first watch on the moon – it’s about storytelling. OMEGA’s history is unrivalled”

He also talked touched on how OMEGA’s classic take on style eases his experience in the public eye.

“As actors, we attend many events, we are often on the red carpet; wearing something that’s classic but also modern, gives me confidence. It’s a wonderful thing, because I don’t have to overthink it”.

 Guests were thrilled to mingle with the Oscar-winning actor and to take a close-up look at the Globemaster which was on display at the venue. The Globemaster’s extraordinary anti-magnetic properties were demonstrated by an OMEGA watchmaker.

Stephen Urquhart, president of OMEGA, spoke highly of the brand’s witty and well-mannered young ambassador, saying “I’m happy to be here with Eddie. He speaks from the heart, which is wonderful”.

As a celebration of the World’s First Master Chronometer, The Evening of Mastery is by definition, just the beginning. OMEGA has fully embraced the strict new METAS testing across the product range and will continue to release watches that have been proven at the industry’s highest level.


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Here is the Official video for Omega and Eddie Redmayne. Click on the link.


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