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Exploring the Shipwreck beach – Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos was the last island we visited in Greece. We reached Zakynthos via Athens from Santorini and had to make a one night stop at Athens, as there’s no direct way to reach Zakynthos.

Dress : Shein, Glasses : Carrera

Just like Paros, Zakynthos is also a very small and cute island. And the people there are also very very kind and helpful. The day we reached Zakynthos, I was really sick, so we did nothing all day. We chilled, relaxed and had good food. Also, the Airbnb we stayed at in Zakynthos was the cutest. All my pinterest dreams came true just by looking at our pretty pastel blue room.

Monokini & Glasses : Lulu & Sky

The main reason of visiting Zakynthos was that it was on Deepanshi’s (the friend I was travelling with) bucket list to go to the Shipwreck Beach. It is one of the most famous beaches in the world and it is named Shipwreck because it has a wrecked ship on it. The only two ways to reach the Shipwreck Beach is by road or by boat ride. If you decide to go by road, first you have to hike for about 20 minutes to reach the top of the hill. Once you are at the top, you can see the entire beach from the hill. If you go by the boat, you can actually go to the beach and spend some time there.

After having the top view of the beach, we decided to take the boat to get a closer look as well. But unfortunately, we could not get down at the beach as there were high tides that day, so it wasn’t allowed. Even though not being able to explore the beach properly was a disappointment, we still made the best out of our day, by chilling in the pool and having good food and just relaxing in the sun.

This small, peaceful island was the perfect place to mark an end to our Greek adventures. It was now time to say goodbye to Greece and head to Budapest.

Stay tuned for the blogs on next destinations of my Europe trip. They are coming your way super soon.

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