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Breaking the reality, Greece lets you slip in your dream.  My recent visit to this country has made me
believe in romance and waxed fairy tales of love. Nestled, in the Mediterranean Sea, the stunning
blue and white hues of the town camouflaging with the teal tones of the sea, the alluring
architecture unwinding to the narrow lanes and the unsurprising solid white cube houses, here’s
Aphrodite luring you to the most exotic place on earth. With more than 200 islands to choose from,
Greece has left me in awe and spoilt for choices. After a bit of legwork before the trip, I came up
with five best islands in Greece that will leave you bereft of words. So, here’s how I set in:

A flight to Athens via Istanbul coupled with sinful Turkish delights at the airport is the best kickstart
for me.


Embarking at our first destination in Greece,  we realized that there’s no harm in indulging in a bit of party. This island gets you the best of sunrise parties and when it is your best friend’s birthday, then let’s just keep it rave. We danced our hearts out at the Paradise beach and lost the track of time. This is the most hippie island in Greece that has recently turned out to be popular with the splendid beaches and the exquisite view of sea flocking with tourists, you will not refrain from uncoiling yourself in the posh louche beach bar and watch the sunset.


Our next stop was Paros. In between Mykonos and Santorini, lies this little pearl at the Aegean Sea. Paros has an uncanny vibe that contributes to your lazy days. The quaint little town is still among the popular islands and has stunning beaches welcoming all beach lovers, ideal weather for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Apart from the picturesque old towns, cobbled streets and the plethora of beaches here, Paros will make your experience the most memorable one, like mine.


Heading straight from Paros, we landed at Ios. To the north of Santorini and south of Paros, this island is a privy to the exuberant party life, bustling with youth.  To the most stunning Airbnb and to the most surprising deal of 3 shots for 5 euros, this place has my heart. Forgetting every swirling rumour about this place, we walked into the lanes and set ourselves free at the club, partied till 6 am and watched the sunrise, all set and excited for Santorini.


Santorini is divisive: either you will love it completely for it is the romantic clichés or like me, you might find it expensive and considerably commercialized. The breath-taking black sand beaches to the island on the dormant volcano and the mouth-watering vegetarian food, budget travel seems barely possible in Santorini.  Overhyped and overcrowded, I had to walk out of here without many pictures. If you ask me, I will recommend you to exclude Santorini out from your Greece vacay and instead hop and explore another unpopular island.


Our next stop was Athens, the capital of Greece and the exemplary classical civilization which delves into history. Athens remains quite a traditional town, dotted with historical monuments and the Acropolis, the remarkable beginnings to all the mythical legends. Tourism is restricted to the centre of the city so we didn’t go ahead much with the tourism.We barely spent 12 hours here but we bumped into a stranger at a café. She decided to take us to her favorite spot and we found ourselves at the top of the cliff, overlooking the entire city. I think this is easily one of my favorite spots and the best experience I can go home with.


To the last leg of this trip and to the marquee attraction of Greece, we landed at Zakynthos. The shipwreck beach or the Navagio beach, proudly steeped in the centuries of history, is the most popular attraction here. We stayed here for the view and the enjoyed the food. Once you’re here, you will already begin to speculate why it is totally worth it to spend your day here in this untapped island.


I really had a great time exploring Greece. It was one memorable and magical experience. More blogs on Europe coming soon. Check out my Euro Trip vlog on my YouTube channel for more deets about Greece!

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LOCATION : Greece, Europe

All my pictures are clicked by my best friend : Deepanshi Mangla 

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