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Who knew that we would be able to order clothes online one day and skip all the troubles to travel to a mall. I am literally ordering stuff off the internet and it has definitely made lives easier. There’s a big ‘But’ that we all face while shopping online and that is the Fabric. The piece might look all classy and flow-y in the pictures but when you take it in your hands, it’s a whole new story.
Since we have all been victims to bad fabrics and false images, I am dying to tell you about this amazing brand – LIVA, that I discovered just a few days back. I was invited to this event for LIVA, for their campaign #fluidisyou, which took place on the grounds of Amazon India Fashion Week. This brand is famous for its super flow-y and smooth fabric and it is being already used by a number of well known brands. All you gotta do is find for a LIVA tag along with the brand’s tag when you’re out shopping.
I don’t know about you guys but I am very finicky about the fabrics that I am wearing. I just cannot function if the cloth is not breathable or smooth. When I wore this top from LIVA, I was instantly in love with the fit of it. It was flow-y and so comfortable that I easily went through the day looking fabulous. It is definitely important how a piece looks on you and how stylist it is but you can never leave behind the fabric it is made of. You must love the feel of it and how it falls on your body.
So, I paired my LIVA top with an ankle length jeans to keep my outfit simple and classy. The mirror work on the yok is so ethnic and pretty. I loved the fluidity of the cloth and the make of it. I went for a fusion look and wore a pair of ankle-length boots. I wanted to keep it minimal with the accessories, so i threw on a ring and let my LIVA outfit speak for itself.


Coming back to the event, Mr Manohar Samuel, the president of marketing at LIVA talked about the fabrics and how it’s is very important to choose the right fabric while deciding your outfit. Nelson, the design head at LIVA talked about the fluidity in the designs and how the brand works on design predictions. The fall, drape and silhouette and how natural the fabrics are.  Ridhima Kapoor was also present at the event on the celebrity panel. She talked about the various fabrics in market and how beautifully LIVA has incorporated amazing designs in best fabrics possible.




Here’s an amazing video for LIVA’s #FluidIsYou campaign!

I hope that this is going to help you pick the right fabric. You don’t need to be harsh on yourself to look good. Go for the right fabrics according to your body type and your liking. I hope that you loved this post. You can follow me on  FacebookTwitter and Instagram for daily updates.



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