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Sometimes my cravings for south Indian food are beyond control 🙂

We all know that South Indian food is the healthiest cuisine out of all. I usually look for South Indian options for breakfast but it can be a task, especially if you are looking for the authentic South Indian flavours! I just LOVE South Indian food and I miss the authentic South Indian flavours even more in Bombay. Loving South Indian food has actually been a boon for me, as its not just the healthiest of all,but also my personal favourite cuisine! (You are allowed to disagree!)

Recently, I visited my Aunt in Gurgaon and my hunger pangs started for South Indian food (it is my very favorite!). My aunt’s house is located in a condominium called the Central Park Resorts situated at the heart of Gurgaon. So when she offered to take me to a restaurant inside the Central Park Resorts complex, I was apprehensive. Here i thought , Don’t misunderstand though, it’s one of the best township I have ever visited (let alone lived in) – beautiful homes surrounded by lush greenery spread across 20 acres. All kinds of luxuries that you could think of – swimming pool,spa, gym, amphitheater, kids play area etc, you name it and they had it. They even have golf buggies to travel within the township – no vehicles, so no pollution. Awesome, right? All that sounded great, but my aunt was planning to take me to a South Indian restaurant right beside her house inside the Central Park Resorts complex. Now, for a South Indian food freak like me,that didn’t sound too exciting. After all, how could one of the best authentic South Indian restaurants be situated inside a residential complex? But what happened next was completely surprising.



We went to this super amazing place called KalyanaSundaram, a South Indian restaurant in the Central Park resorts compound itself. This place serves popular South Indian dishes like Dosa,Idli, Vada and Uttapam. The dishes are uncompromised in its taste as they have a well-trained chef in cuisine to give us authentic flavours from South India. It was a pleasant surprise as I thought you would miss out on the quality food considering the travelling time and research it would take.


I was super thrilled to visit this restaurant since I always prefer to keep my first meal of the day healthy. Now every time I will visit Gurgaon, I will be a regular visitor to fulfil my healthy breakfast cravings with idlis and all.


The place is also a go-spot for all those with a sweet-tooth as the place also promises mouth-watering South Indian desserts like Maysoor Paak, Payasam Paruppu and many more to fulfil your cravings!



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