Have you ever had an experience that brought back memories of a particular product? Recently, I had one such experience.

I had a chance to attend an Amway event at the company headquarters in Gurgaon. And it brought back memories of a brand that has been a constant presence in so many of our homes. So many of us have grown up with it and for more than 20 years it has been offering a wide range of products for Indian households.

The event I attended was the launch of TVC series for Attitude, Amway’s beauty product range. The range has been created taking into account Indian skin type and product preferences. The range is also manufactured in India itself.

Little did I know that I would have an opportunity to get an exclusive preview of Attitude videos! I thought the videos conveyed a lot in a short duration and gave us a sense of what the product range is really about. They really resonated with me and I immediately got to know that Attitude is for those who are bold and dynamic. I loved this video that put an independent twist to the conventional norms when it comes to women. #DontLimitMyAttitude is all about speaking up and doing what you believe.

Coming to the products, it’s hard to pick a favourite for me. Attitude has a number of products including eyeliner, lipstick, cleansers, moisturizers and skincare. Still, I loved the Attitude Be Bright Face Wash.

It’s filled to the brim with vitamins and is the perfect product for me to use in between shoots and a heavy day at work, especially in the Delhi heat! It is almost always in my bag while I am out for a long day, and brings my brightness back while I am switching between shoots, events & meetings!

The Face Scrub is also effective and makes your skin look bright and radiant. With an added lotus extract, it ensures an active skin tone and helps smoothen the skin surface. It’s just what I need after a long day to rejuvenate my skin. These products have been truly created to give you the attitude you need.

I could relate to the Attitude theme for a number of reasons. There have been times in my life when I wasn’t supported for my decision of choosing blogging as a career. I realized, there are truly so many ways to be limitless. No matter what we do, it’s all about our attitude. I am sure I am not the only one with a story here. I am all ears to hear about your stories of attitude as well.

At the event, I loved stories by the bloggers about their professional journeys. It was so refreshing to hear them. After all, we all always have unique stories to tell and there is always so much you do not know about a person and where they started. One fine day, you get to know it all. Isn’t that beautiful?

The activities at the event were along the same lines. For example, women present at the event had an opportunity to share their stories of attitude as well as first thoughts when it comes to words such as style, attitude and trend. We also had a round of the mannequin challenge and there were plenty of fun props at the photo booth.

I loved the range and so will you. You can check it out here.

I am thinking of writing a very personal blog super soon. Would you like to know my story?

Tell me in the comments below!

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