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Monsoons have finally knocked on our doorsteps! Irregular, but finally slowly and steadily we are getting away from the exhausting Delhi heat! We all have our hair problems and we like them to be in our own way, undisturbed, giving us that perfect and gorgeous look. But at the same time, these hair we want is a result of selective products which will give us that perfect look. We all have our individual choices which reflect our personalities and style. Every day is a new day and we usually take every day to explore the new and edgy us. Taking inspiration from the same, WELLA has launched its new EIMI hair range consisting of 31 styling essentials. Scroll down to read about the three products from this range for that uber cool and classy hair look during the lovely monsoons.



WELLA Professionals EIMI Perfect Root Shoot Root Lifter

Voluminous hair have always been my favourite and I love how they make my hair look wild and carefree! Are you also looking for that perfect root lift and edgy volumes to your hair? Well, then just like me, this is the perfect treasure for you. Root lift is only a shot away with EIMI Root Shoot, a mousse designed for precision application. It will give your hair that hit of volume which you are looking for. Not only it smells great but it makes hair look and feel fuller. You just need to shake and shoot! (Yes, it is that easy!) Apply this product on damp hair directly on the roots, and you can blow dry if you wish, to give your hair that gorgeous look.






WELLA Professionals EIMI dry me Dry Shampoo

I always used to be fed up of the oily scalp which in turn made my hair look oily and worn out? But since I have started using EIMI Dry me Shampoo, my hair have started feeling alive and fresh again! Not just this, now I don’t have to make that extra effort to wash my hair on days when I am feeling lazy. This shampoo absorbs oil from your hair and thereby help in restoration of transformed bouncy hair. As a cherry on the cake, it will add volume and that matte finish to your hair helping you achieve flawless look even without regular wash. To use it, shake it well, spray and apply evenly on your dry hair. Then leave it for a few minutes and brush through and witness the miracle!







WELLA EIMI Perfect me Lightweight Beauty Balm Lotion

We all want our hair to be smooth and silky, irrespective of the different textures. It is like that final touch on my hair which convinces me that I am all set to kick-start my day with full confidence! Now Wella has brought this product to our escape, to get that smooth finish suitable to diverse hair textures. This delicate Lotion adds shine, repairs, moisturises and tames fly-aways and protects you from the heat of all those styling tools (Yes, it is like an all in one product, to make our lives easier!) To achieve this perfect hair, caress a small quantity on mid-lengths and ends of your damp/dry hair for that magnificent feel.




I personally loved the inspiration behind this range and its beauty lies in how this range is consolidated keeping in mind every individual’s diverse set of choices, needs, styles and personalities. I will recommend these products to everyone who wish to reflect their unique identity in their everyday life, what they are comfortable in and what they feel suits them the most- whether it is wild texture, dazzling shine, a volume boost or a smooth and sleek finish. EIMI products are available in all Wella Professional salons. Simply ask your Wella Professional stylist for more information.

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Clothing by H.O.G. Clothing
Photography by Aashima Seedhar




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