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Recently through my social media I came across this video which got me curious that I wanted to know more about it. It was based on the environmental issue, the much talked of and ignored issue of today’s time and it focuses on wildlife conservation.

It is an inspirational and moving story of Abhishek Ray, A Bollywood music composer, a conservationist and a wildlife activist, who bought a hill, adjacent to the Corbett National Park, and turned it into Sitabani Reserve. The entire video allowed me to re-think on the well-established perceptions within me and to act in a more sensitive manner towards all creatures as we all have been equally created by nature and it is unfair for us humans, who apparently are the superior ones to exploit the nature which actually belongs to all other creatures as equally as it belongs to us.


In this inspirational video, Abhishek Ray tells in detail his story which started with his unconditional love towards nature and the diverse sounds which eventually made him enrol himself as tiger and leopard tracker during the census activities. Nature and life has also helped his music and his time tracking tigers gave him inspiration for all the music that he has made.

It was this love and attachment that he strongly felt towards nature that he used his little saving, which he had created from his work in Bollywood that he bought a hill, adjacent to the Corbett National Park, and turned it into Sitabani Reserve! His first task was to set up a natural rainwater harvesting system to create the water body where animals can drink and flourish. The land, which had been abused by years of slash and burn techniques, sprang back to life and wildlife gradually followed. He calls this beautiful act of giving back to nature as ‘rewilding’ and always attempts to make people understand the importance of wildlife conservation and how wildlife is the key to our country’s survival.


He always during the course of his initial years tried to rationalise the conspiracy against wildlife. He also beautifully described the miraculous surprise of nature, quoting, “Forest is like a book, with its own language of words and unless you do not enter it as its own creature, it never opens up to you.”


I was personally very moved by this video and it was made possible because of an initiative created by “100 pipers” called, The Good crusaders, which is a platform for leaders to share their stories to inspire change and motivate those who have the drive to bring social change. The storyof Abhishek Ray inspired me the most and there are more such crusaders whose story is inspiring and needs to be heard.

You can watch the episodes of ‘The Good Crusaders’ on Times Now or watch them on the YouTube Channel of 100 Pipers India.

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