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LaLit Mangar- An experience like never before

I recently ventured out for a short but a memorable trip to The LaLit Mangar. It is nestled in the middle of MangarBani Valley, a verdant and beautiful forest grove with a captivating natural ambience, an experiential 5-star property. With a green cover housing around 6 lakh trees in 677 acres, the valley is an oasis of retreat for city dwellers. It gives you an experience as if you are into the woods, and an experience to unwind.

The LaLiT Mangar is an hour drive from Delhi and it feels like a separate universe altogether, with the breath of fresh air, connectedness with nature and everything refreshing!

Moreover, using special rammed earth architecture, the hotel is exquisitely designed with natural raw materials like earth chalk and gravel in layers.

The LaLiTMangar provides enough and more opportunities to indulge. For the outdoorsy soul, they provide activities like rock climbing –cycling and well planned picnics amidst the valley. For the rest, a chance to sun bathe for hours, enjoy rustic style pleasure in rural activitiesor, maybe head for natural therapies at Time Reversal Spa.

From the time that we stepped in, the staff was really friendly and hospitable and not even once did I had a complaint or an unpleasant experience.

Below are some more insights from their wonderful property:

Gourmet experience

One can enjoy in their multi-cuisine restaurants-Alfresco and Dining room where the former is an   open-air dining restaurant and the latter is an indoor one which serves multi cuisine buffet or a la carte. I loved the food, which is thoughtfully prepared by their chefs while enjoying an enthralling view of the valley.

Get those muscles active

Our bodies needs to be replenished too, and The LaLitMangar had that sorted for me. One can start the day stretching those lazy muscles to some incredible asanas. They also have an indoor gym which is well-equipped, for those who like the active workouts more than stretching.


I also experienced the Time Reversal Spa at The LaLiTMangarwhich is managed by Dr.Mosaraf Ali, who is an expert of Integrated Healthcare that blends conventional and traditional medicines.

To say the least, it was the most relaxing experience I have ever had, where my entire body was relaxed and recovered. TheSpa specialises in treatments for backache, arthritis, stress, weight loss and detox.


I have to say, the property gives one a heritage feel and it is perfect not just for a different experience, with respect to list location and connectivity with nature, but also because it complements my work, and is a beautiful property located at a suitable location for photoshoots, or the perfect awe-struck, refined clicks.

Sometimes with the amount of work, a break becomes a necessity, for the regain in energy and positive mind-set and LaLit Mangar is a great weekend getaway, to zone out of our hectic work schedules, and zone into our own self.

Location- The LaLit Mangar

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