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Magnetic Fields Festival

Few weeks back, I got a chance to go to a magical music carnival – The Magnetic Fields Festival with Renault India. It is a 3 days festival that happens  near the Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan in the month of December and can be referred to as Indian Coachella because of its vibe.

My experience of the Magnetic Fields Festival was not as great as I expected it to be, mostly because I was not fully prepared for it. Magnetic Fields Festival happens in an open area near Alsisar Mahal and there are tents for stay. Because it happens in an open desert area in the month of December the weather is very unpredictable. It is extremely hot in the day and at night its gets really cold (-3 is what we experienced). So, I will suggest you to carry cover ups with you. We didn’t carry any and because of that we had a very uncomfortable night experience. The tents there are very raw, so don’t expect anything luxury. In fact, I will recommend you to carry the stuff like soaps, tissues, etc with you as they only provide one lantern in the tent.

Driving to the Magnetic Fields Festival is also not advisable. In the last 1 hour of the journey the roads are really bad and uneven. There are small dingy lanes with no street lights, because of which the drive becomes really difficult, also you would not want to drive back after 3 days of partying. Carrying large suitcases is also not something I will recommend, as a lot of walking is involved between the drop point and the tent area. So carry backpacks.

There are different stage areas where the party happens and the food is available 24X7. The party starts at 7-8pm at night and carries on till 5-6am in the morning. The food and alcohol is available at the stalls and they are quite expensive. Also your regular cash won’t work here. The cash has to be exchanged for festival money which can be used to buy food and alcohol. Apart from open party areas, there are some hidden party spots as well. I will recommend you to definitely research about them and check them out.

While deciding the outfits for the Magnetic Fields Festival, you should go for something that gives Coachella vibes. Leather jackets, boots and everything hippie and bohemian were my first choices. I wanted my every outfit to be easy going, flowy and to match with the vibe of the festival. For day 1, I chose a white maxi dress, that I picked from sarojini nagar. I teamed it up with bold red earrings, cool retro glasses, boots and a leather jacket and it was a look. For the next day, I wanted to add a little ethnic touch to my outfit, so I opted for a polka dots beige maxi dress and layered it with a bright orange printed shrug and I completed my look with some chunky bohemian earrings and boots. For day 3, I picked this maroon dress and paired it with a leather jacket, boots and a hat and I was ready to roll.

In all my experience of the Magnetic Fields Festival was neither too good and nor too bad. I think its better for the people who like partying all night and sleep all day. I am personally not a very big fan of partying till late, maybe that’s the reason it was not a very nice experience for me. But if you are a party person and enjoy the raw tent life, you will definitely enjoy it.

Hope I was able to give an honest feedback to you guys. Stay tuned for my next travel blog 🙂

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