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Oh Paros !! You have my heart.

I can’t even begin to express how much I have fallen in love with this beautiful island, Paros. All the fascinations that I had about Greece were actually fulfilled at this island. Away from the commercialization, this place has the most picturesque spots and views that are every traveler’s dream.

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Paros was our next destination after Mykonos and this small island had my heart at the very first sight and I still regret staying there for just one night. Unlike other Greek islands that I visited, this one was super cheap on the pocket as well. We stayed in a cute Airbnb and it was actually a steal at the price that we got it in. Also, the people of Paros were very nice and welcoming, always ready to help someone in need.

After checking into our Airbnb, we were crazy hungry and wanted to have some really good food. So, we went to this place called, Nemobar and had Falafel and pita platter and bruschetta with pesto dressing. Another reason to love Paros is that, even though it is a non-commercialized place, you’ll still find many good cafes here. After lunch it was time to get exploring and the interesting fact is that, this island is so small that it can easily be covered on foot. So, we started walking and every corner that we laid our eyes was like a visual treat. White and blue walls, with pretty bougainvilleas, it was just like a dream. All the typical Greece pictures that you might have seen on my feed are from Paros.

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We were so mesmerized by this lovely place that we didn’t even realize when the day passed, and it was time for dinner. For dinner, we went to a place by the sea, where we enjoyed our meal while gazing at the sunset. Such a peaceful and calming experience it was. After dinner, we had a famous European dessert known as Loukoumades, which is fried dough balls covered with white and dark chocolate. It was like a party in my mouth and as I write this I am craving for it so bad.

Paros was the best destination of my whole Europe trip. The place was full of good vibes and fascinating views. Its almost surprising,  how sometimes the smallest places have such a huge impact on your heart. Would love to go back to this sweet little town sometime in my life.

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Find out more about Paros on my Euro Trip travel vlog on my YouTube channel!

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