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Grocery Shopping made easy | PepperTap App

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Grocery Shopping is a very integral part of our lives (hello, food?) and one of the most tedious jobs to do in the whole wide world (isn’t it?)
Every person needs to shop for grocery, maybe a few times per month or few times each week or even everyday. And being the eldest child in the family, the job falls into my arms every time there’s a need to go to the local grocer. As lazy & internet addicted as our generation could be, I had to find an easier way out while lying in my bed & staring into my phone, and so I did! PepperTap App is the magic app we all have been looking for! From household and kitchen items to dairy products, beverages, groceries and even baby care & beauty products are available on this app.

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The App has a very user-friendly interface and is thus very easy to use by everyone. Now, ordering groceries is just a child’s play! They also offer discounts on almost every item and promise each item to be handpicked by their executives from the near-by stores especially for you (could’ve asked for more?).

You can place your order at work or while chilling outside or at anytime of the day and decide the time you want it to be delivered at! The items generally take less than 2 hours to be delivered at your doorstep, which is more or less the same time we invest in going to the supermarket, picking up each item, standing in the queue for bill and then bringing them home (or maybe more if we get stuck in traffic!). What else? They provide COD too, infact you can check the products and if dissatisfied, they will take it back (no questions asked!).

So guys, all your daily essentials & groceries are now just a few clicks away on your phone. All-in-all, I would strongly recommend you to download this app and use it once, before you get addicted to it!

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