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Santorini : A Crowded Paradise

It was time to leave behind the crazy party island and head to the most famous island of Greece, Santorini. After hearing so many amazing things about Santorini, I was very excited to explore it, but as it is said, “Everything seems perfect until you look closely” and it certainly holds true for Santorini.

No doubt the island is as pretty as you might have seen in the pictures, but I just didn’t find the peace that I look for on a vacation. The commercialization has totally taken over the island and has made it overly crowded, especially in the peak season. It was the most crowded island of all the Greek islands. I can’t say for others, but I got major honeymoon vibes from the place as there were a lot of newly married couples and most of them were Indian (felt like I was still in Delhi :P). The only thing I was impressed with, was the food. I had the best (not even kidding), the best spaghetti and pizza in Santorini of my entire Euro Trip.

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Apart from being crowded, Santorini is also super expensive in all aspects. It was a struggle finding reasonably priced accommodation, but we were lucky enough to find nice apartments with pool for 2 nights at a decent price (which was still expensive in comparison to the accomodations at other islands). And since the property had a pool, a dip at night and breakfast by the pool was mandatory.

Another major reason, I was so excited about Santorini was Oia. Oia is a town located on the northwestern tip of Santorini and it is the place known for a gorgeous sunset and everybody gets those perfect, dreamy Santorini pictures clicked there itself. But, on reaching Oia we found that you have to stay in one of the resorts located in that area to click pictures as they have locked all those beautiful pathways as a part of their property. All those resorts are crazy expensive and costs about 70-80 grand per night (in INR). Many international bloggers book these resorts for picture-perfect shots. And many people even hire photographers, as who doesn’t like an ultimate Santorini picture. We even spotted an influencer getting her shoot done and her parents were happily helping her for the same. It was too cute but a lot of hassle for one picture perfect shot.

Hat – Miniso

Honestly speaking, there is nothing much to explore in Santorini, but there are these two beaches, White Sand Beach and Red Beach that we really wanted to visit. The only way to visit those beaches was by a ship ride, so after a lot of discussion, me and my friend took a very expensive (120 Euros precisely) ship ride to explore those beaches. I wouldn’t say that the ship ride was worth the money we paid, but it was great. There were around 7-8 people on the ship and unlimited food and drinks. No doubt the company was really good and it was one of the best experience (although I fell sick afterward) I had in Santorini.

Bikini – StalkBuyLove

Clearly, Santorini didn’t turn out as perfect as I expected it to be. If you want to enjoy a quiet vacation, I will suggest you skip Santorini as the crowd may put you off. But, if you really want to go, don’t go for more than 2 nights.

I hope this blog helps you, if you  are planning a trip to Santorini. Drop your queries in the comment section below.

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