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How to Spend 1 Week in Sri Lanka

Thaproban Pavilion Waves UnawatunaWearing: River Island
Wearing: River Island

Sri Lanka for us was one of the top options for a vacation, and I’m here to spill all the beans for you guys!

In terms of the weather, the beautiful beaches, and also the fact that it’s commercially very viable, you can make a trip out of the place like we did. Indians won’t face a visa problem there, so that was a bonus. All these good things along with the fact that it’s relatively cheap in monetary terms, makes for a definite budget trip you could opt for.

Unawatuna Beach
Wearing: Shein

The accessibility factor is very good as well. Cabs, autos, and tuk-tuks work absolutely well and make it simple to get around places. The people were also pretty friendly and helpful, I have nothing unruly to say about them. They probably wouldn’t go out of their way to be extra-helpful or anything, but up to a neutral level overall, they would be kind to tourists.

Wearing: Shein | Bag: Mio Borsa

And that’s what I have to say for Sri Lanka as a whole. Now coming to the specifics of the itinerary.

Colombo Temple
Wearing: Doodlage

First up, for this trip I covered the coastal cities of Unawatuna and Galle, both of which were very nice places to be in. I could have also visited Sigiriya and Kandy as well, but couldn’t this time. I did research about them, and they’re still on my wish-list. Would recommend you guys to check it out!

But I only went to the first two places and I also went to Colombo, which I later realized wasn’t the best decision I made on my part. (More about this later in the blog, so keep on reading!)

Sri Lanka

For Galle and Unawatuna, the beaches were pretty clean. There’s one beach in particular called the Dalawella Beach which we went on our first day. Its specifically has a very famous, Instagram-worthy swing to ride on, so you might want to check that out. Similarly, Angel Beach was also really clean since it was a private beach on the other side of Angel Beach Resort. You could see more tourists like you than locals all around.

Angel Beach
Wearing: Bleu De Perle

The area around Galle Fort was also very good and we really enjoyed a lot there. It is a beautifully preserved and fortified fort which shows you the other part of the country. The cute cobble-stoned streets make for a lovely walking area with a soothing view of the ocean. Don’t miss out on the quaint ice-cream and coffee shops here!

Galle Fort
Wearing: Femella

The resort and hotels in which we stayed in were also really good. They were- Thaproban Pavilion Waves Unawatuna and Marino Beach Hotel, Colombo. #NotSponsored by the way. I had researched a lot and booked these 4.5 star rated properties according to that. Everything from the service to the food is worth recommending to you guys.

Thaproban Pavilion
Top: River Island | Bottom: Stalk Buy Love

All in all, I loved the experience at Unawatuna and Galle. Special mention to Hikkaduwa Beach as well, which was also very good. (Hikkaduwa is another place between Galle and Colombo). The Sea Turtle Hatchery centre there helps protect beautiful turtles and educate people about these wonderful animals.

We were able to see these wonderful animals up close, but like other marine animals, turtles should NOT be touched! This was instructed to me by the person in charge of taking care of the turtles there. As soon as I saw an Indian couple making their little son stand on a turtle’s shell, I couldn’t help but scold them for disregarding the orders of those who know what’s best for the turtles. I urge you to visit them, but with respect!

Wearing: Bleu De Perle

Now finally coming to Colombo’s experience, which to be honest, was not as great as I had imagined it to be. When I got there, I realized that it has become a very commercialized city, and pretty much had a Delhi sort of vibe if I may say so. Too much pollution, too much commercialization, too much traffic, all of which had left us with really nothing to explore. And the places which are worth going, they are just overcrowded. So yeah, Colombo I would not recommend to people who like to peacefully enjoy and explore the Sri Lankan experience. The place definitely has some really good places to eat, but they’re pretty limited. And as far as shopping goes, I couldn’t find viable markets to visit as such.

There’s just one place which I really liked and enjoyed in Colombo, and that was Dutch Hospital. No, it’s not a hospital as the name would suggest, it is an area. There you can shop, eat, chill, and click good pictures as well.

Dutch Hospital
Wearing: Piccolina | Earrings: Femella

Other than that, the experience of the temples, mosques, and everything else was not congruent with what I hoped it would be.

To be honest, it was an unsafe experience in the mosque for me. On paper nothing unsafe as such happened, but just the vibe of the whole place was not very comfortable or welcoming for a tourist like me. Maybe it had to do something with the fact that it was a conservative Muslim area. I really can’t explain whether or not something happened to me, so I didn’t even know whether I should be writing about this at all. But the way everybody was staring at us with very scary eyes, it was not a good experience. Specially not for a reverend place of worship where I had hoped to have a peaceful, respectful, and pleasant time.

Sri Lanka Mosque
Wearing: Shein

Safety is always a concern for female travelers like us, no matter what part of the globe you’re at, and this place was no different. It was okay-ish, it was at a medium level. Nothing big or scary happened with us as such, but the prying eyes all around didn’t feel exactly very safe. That’s honestly something every single girl out there has experienced, so you can understand what I’m talking about. Hope you guys appreciate me being honest about my experience as a woman, because I feel a lot of blogs miss out on this, and as a woman you should know about this as part of your research before you travel anywhere.

Gangamaraya Temple
Wearing: Shi Bui

Thanks for reading, and I hope to come back soon with more content. 🙂


Photographer : Prateek Khatri

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