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It is one thing to dress nicely and another thing to stand out in the crowd even at places as normal as your work place. So, John Miller under Pantaloons came up with this uber cool campaign #GoodLookingRascal to portray a character who is super charming and an all rounder even when he is working. We would all agree to the fact that we feel better when we look good.

We got this amazing opportunity to work with Manil Rohit who were the creative directors for this ad film produced by UnCommon Sense Films. It was so much fun working with them and as well as a great experience. We got to learn so much from them. It was a treat to watch them work so passionately throughout the shoot. This definitely says a lot about the hard work they do, no matter if it is a 30 sec ad film or a whole Creative Indian season.
UnCommon Sense Films always gives us the opportunity to work on such interesting projects which turns into a new learning experience.

So, there was a photo shoot and an ad film that had to be shot for this campaign. For the photoshoot, Edward Lalrempuia, fashion director at Harper’s Bazaar did the styling while for the ad film we were in-charge. The styling was basically for a man who gets his work done in all the witty ways and is admired by everyone. We went for subtle tones giving him a very relaxed look. We kept the accessories minimal so that it doesn’t take the focus away from the whole look.




There is only one ad film that is out for now. We will be uploading as soon as the others are out. We hope that you like the video and our styling. Follow us on  FacebookTwitterHimanshi’s Instagram and Gona’s Instagram for our upcoming styling stories.

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Here’s the first ad film.

Footwear:  Hats off Accessories, Modello Domani



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