Styling for PVR Gold Class Cinemas

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We hope you’re having a really good time and sipping up some orange juice as you read this (It is so HOT!). It is always a good time for us styling for commercials. As stylists, we have to think in a whole different way which is through the perspective of the script and director. So, we got this project where we had to style for PVR Gold Class Cinemas with Uncommon Sense Films.


We all have been to movies every now and then but stepping up into PVR Gold Class is a whole new story (you guys will agree). We had to strictly keep up to the luxurious and classy environment of the theatre and showcase the same in the way we style. Styling in that way was important to enhance the ambiance and the feel of the whole commercial.

Coming to the color palette, we wanted to go for solid colors like blacks, blues, whites, subtle golden. Solid colors always make a more classy statement than prints and patterns. We had to stay away from the family of brown since the theatre seats were of the same color and that would result into camouflage. We had to style 3 people in total, 1 male and 2 females. For the guy we went for a casual blue suit with a classic white shirt. We wanted the girls to look glamorous and that’s why one wore a skirt and the other one wore a dress.  We kept the accessories quite minimalistic so that they do not grab too much attention.






The process to each shoot is almost same, but the experience to each one is different which makes it all the more interesting. We will be uploading the video as and when it is out. We hope you loved this post because we will be doing a lot of them now. Do leave your comments below and let us know how you liked it. Follow us on Facebook, TwitterHimanshi’s Instagram and Gona’s Instagram for more. You can also look for more such work by Uncommon Sense Films on their Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter.

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