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Today’s post is not about what we wore or anything related to our outfits. This one comes from our styling series. It is always easy to style yourself but the real challenge begins when you style someone else keeping in mind all the preferences and limitations.

Have you ever given a thought about all the hard work that goes into making & producing a 30 sec TV commercial!? Well, even we didn’t until we got this first chance to style a TVC for Intex mobiles with Uncommon Sense Films. Watching those commercials on TV is a very different thing and being a part of the production team is all together a different story.

When you talk about TVC productions there is a lot of work involved before the shoot, on the shoot and after it is shot. We had to source clothes for around 30 people in just 2 days. No, this ain’t a joke. Those kind of days when your coffee needs a coffee. We were literally on our toes the whole time. You have to keep in mind a lot of things while picking up clothes for such shoots, starting from the color preferences to the look and feel of the whole shoot. We had to abide by the theme of the shoot which was on a casual side. We mostly went for light and cool colors since it was an outdoor shoot. It is really important to have right kind of clothes in a film production as it enhances the whole outcome and makes it look more realistic.







Without a doubt, shoot days are really hectic days but definitely something that we can look back at and be happy about. It is so amazing to experience this sort of stuff every now and then. Our advice to you is that never say no to anything new, it might be the best thing you ever do. Hope you liked this post. Do let us know in the comments below. We will be coming with more such styling stories. You can follow us on Facebook, TwitterHimanshi’s Instagram and Gona’s Instagram for more updates. Till then, take care!

Here is the TVC for Intex Aqua 3G Pro. Do watch it!


Clothes Courtesy: Reebok



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