Styling for L’Oreal Hairdressing Awards 2016 !

Hello guys!

It’s been long since we have posted one of our styling series, especially when we have worked on some really interesting projects. If you guys are following the social media platforms, you know what we are talking about. So,
we are going to post all of those projects one by one. Stay tuned, you guys!

Starting with this amazing project which was for L’Oreal International Competition which we did in association of NEU Salonz. So, we were supposed to style 13 looks in total according to the hairstyles of the models given by some expert hairstylists of the salon. These hairstyles were created by professional hairstylists
and we had to put together the whole outfit for each look. This project was very different from all the work we have
done before. We had to take care that the clothes do not over power the hairstyles and yet complements it.

Since the whole attention had to be on the hair-dos, we went for very muted shades of clothes which helps the
hair colour come out really well on the camera. You will mostly see blacks, blues and whites throughout the shoot.
Also, we tried the mostly clothes are off shoulder or have deep necks which really works well for a hairstyling
shoot. For girls, we mostly went for dresses, gowns and suits giving them a very chic look. For guys, we wanted the looks to be a little more uptight, so we went for proper suits, playing little bit around here and there.

In terms of accessories and footwear we went for the basics just to add little something to the outfit and not taking
anything away from the gorgeous hairstyles. We would love to mention all the designers for their beautiful
ensembles. You will see the guys in Casmir, and Suit Yourself by Mayank Sehgal and the girls in label
AAWA by Aastha Wadhwa, Mint Blush, House of Pink and Diva Rose by Simran Aggarwal.

Wearing: Casmir


Wearing: House of Pink


Wearing Diva Rose by Simran Aggarwal.


Wearing: Suit Yourself






Wearing: Label AAWA by Aastha Wadhwa


Wearing: Suit Yourself




Wearing Suit Yourself





Wearing: Casmir




Wearing: Mint Blush Designs


Check out Neu Salonz on Facebook And Instagram and get some hair makeover done by their amazing hairstylists! 🙂

We will be back with more styling posts. Keep checking the space for more. You guys can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily updates. Stay tuned for more! <3



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