Styling right with ”THE TIMELINERS” !!

Hello pretties!

How is the weather treating y’all ?? We are really having a good time sipping up some lime juice as its really hot outside!!

So,we are back with our next styling post, as promised. It was really fun doing this whole project as it was really different from the styling that we have done before.

This styling project was for a web series by The Timeliners about a bunch of servants.


Since the genre and the feel for the show was humour, we had to incorporate the same in their outfits as well. We were supposed to style around 6 characters to make them look like domestic helpers. We wanted to experiment with the colours here as they can impact a lot to set the mood of the audience.


We went for colourful outfits with blue,green, red and orange in them which helped us to create such amusing looks. We gave them sports shoes along with formal pants, red pajamas, gajra for the female servant to add to all of this.


The whole episode was about a servant who moves back to India with the NRI family ,he’s working for and is teaching his fellows about all the rights they are ought to have.Number one right being the right to get a smartphone.


You can see the video attached below and enjoy.

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