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Back to school!

There is something about childhood friends that you cannot replace. And, you shouldn’t. They know all about your braces (maybe they still have those pictures), weird colored pants phase, fat days and those mushy talks. You have practically lived your lives together taking each other through the worst and celebrating the best. No matter how old you get, you’ll always need that one friend who can look right into your eyes and tell you how hideous you look. We all wish to jump back to those chapters of our lives where getting bad grades was a serious matter and hiding them from our parents was the only planning we did, waking up for school was the hardest part of our days and coming back to home the saddest. This post is for those 14 crazy years at school where we learnt stuff that we cannot practically use today. Haha. Also, for all those weird people whom you call friends! If you guys have been following me on Instagram, you must be aware about my new partner (best friend/sister/boyfriend) and the new addition to the family of Bees and Baubles – Gona Khanijo. There’s nothing better than working with someone who knows you inside out and knows about your needs and preferences. From now on, there will be two of us guiding you guys on this fashion trail. You guys will be getting two ways to dress depending upon your body type (excited much!?). We came up with this school theme the moment we saw this plaid skirt. This had Blair Waldorf written all over it. This skirt definitely needed its Serena which was this grey skater skirt. Since the plaid skirt came up to the knee, ankle length maroon socks and sneakers worked well for it. The short skater skirt went well with knee high socks and leather boots. The color palette is pretty much in sync with the season. To finish our looks and add to that ultimate school touch, we used bows and hair bands. Oh, and for baubles we both had our best friend right next to us.



















Do comment below about how you liked this school theme. There will be more such exciting posts that will be coming up. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Himanshi’s Instagram and Gona’s Instagram for more. Stay tuned, bees!

On Himanshi
Top: Forever21 | Skirt: thrifted from Bangkok | Socks: H&M | Boots: Forever21 | Bow clip: Miss claire

On Gona
Top: Stalk Buy Love | Skirt: Sarojini | Socks: H&M | Shoes: Koovs | Hairband: Old

Photography by Vaibhav Sachdeva



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