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My Unexpected Adventure in Prague

We were heading towards the end of our Europe trip and Prague, was our second last destination. We were in Prague for just two days and I was really looking forward to exploring this beautiful city. But, on the first day, I couldn’t do anything, as I was down with severe fever and cold. I rested in our Airbnb the entire day, had ginger tea and did everything possible to be better and ready for the second day.

Our second day in Prague started on a good note with a very nice and delicious breakfast at Bistro Monk, which was right in front of our apartment. But the good time didn’t last very long, as we got locked in our Airbnb. So this is what happened, after breakfast we went back to our apartment to get some stuff and got locked in our apartment, because of the carelessness of the owner. When we were locked in, the panic was real as it was the only day we had for exploring and we were spending it locked in the apartment.

After almost 6 hours we got out, half the day had already passed and we still had an entire city to explore. So, we decided to explore as much as possible in the time left. Our first stop was the streets of Prague and there we found some cute candy and fruits shops and believe me when I say, it felt like I was in heaven. We bought some candy and were all set to tour through what was left. It felt like we were racing against time, but thank god that the days in Prague are long, so we were able to see a lot more than expected.

Top : StalkBuyLove, Jeans : Primark, Bag & footwear : Lulu & Sky,

I really wanted to take one of those car tours in Prague, but because of the time crunch we could not, but there is always a next time for everything. We just wandered through the streets of Prague, went to the Prague castle which was spectacular, had some fries and more ginger tea in between and were able to cover most of the city. To end our day we had a really nice dinner at this very chic place, Marina Grosseto Ristorante, the restaurant was placed on the river and was just so fascinating.


This is how our 2 days in Prague came to an end. Nothing went as planned but still, we definitely had a good time and it was totally a different kind of adventure that we had.


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