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Hey Guys !

I am back with a blog and still blending into the new city both professionally and personally.
In this blog I will be talking about my trip to Dubai which some of you must have caught a glimpse of on my Instagram and snapchat. Dubai was a planned and a much awaited family trip for me since it was my parents’ silver jubilee and we wanted to go an extra mile to celebrate it and make it memorable.




While we were in Dubai and having a great time, we also did the touristy things, visited the famous hotspots of the new land, and tried its delicacies. We had to visit the much talked of Burj Khalifa and I have to say, it is worth the hype. This tallest structure of the world definitely added that feeling of grandeur to my trip! To add to the list and to name a few, we also visited the Dubai Parks & Resorts which is a popular theme park and has Legoland and Bollywood Park in it with many more, Sheikh Sayed Mosque and the Ferrari world, which is a themed amusement park (I sat on the world’s fastest and world’s tallest roller coasters! YES!!)





In between the days and exploring the tourist destinations, there was this one thing which was my saviour during the idle times, my new Lenovo. It recently launched its new VIBE K5 NOTE, which obviously allowed me to capture breathtaking panoramic and scenic views of Dubai with its great camera and picture quality.

The major highlight of this uber cool device is its spellbound TheatreMax technology and this is what made my trip extremely relaxing amidst the hectic travel. I used to play so many games whenever I was idle to make the most of it and trust me, it used to get better every time once I was in sync with this new technology. For me, it was something really refreshing which every one of us should unveil and experience. One can also choose to catch their favourite movies once more without the crowd with TheaterMax’s widescreen cinematics of vivid colours and immersive sound quality in the palm of one’s hand. Sounds tricky? To put it simply, TheaterMax turns all your existing media and games into an immersive large screen experience boasting smooth graphics, lifelike surround sound and responsive 3D gameplay. For gaming and hands free control, along with the ANTVR glasses, one can also get the TheaterMax controller for media control. It is unbelievable, but wonderfully true!

And another thing which will make you grab this device right now is that for gaming enthusiasts like me, Lenovo has tied-up with Amkette to bring the Evo Pad 2 as a precision controller for TheaterMax gaming. This device is a must for all to experience its edgy and breath-taking features. If you want to know more about the Lenovo VIBE K5 NOTE, have a look at their website!





Coming back to Dubai, I honestly loved its uniqueness and modern architecture. It was like the destination’s language to communicate to its visitors. If you guys would like to know the intricacies of my trip to Dubai and would want to read a specific blog on the highlights of Dubai, then post in the comments below and it will be my next blog, just for you guys!





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