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Have you ever worn such clothes that made you feel like magic? Like you are in some kind of exquisite dream? I cannot find words to express these clothes. It feels that anything I write would be incapable of expressing their beauty. These clothes speak volumes about the creator and the imagination behind the whole line. The intricate details, flowy and rich fabrics, the creative thread work- that’s what Pero’s ‘Love on Foliage’ is all about!

These clothes are not about putting fabrics together but how each silhouette is going to add to the piece making it even more prettier. It will not make you feel like a lady but more like a girl who is full of energy and believes in herself. The details on the clothes go well with the fabrics. I decided on doing three looks from the whole collection.

Look 1





This dress made me feel straight out of a dance reality show, like I am just going to perform some contemporary dance style. The yoke part of this dress was covered with fine thread work justifying the beauty and uniqueness of it! Also, the flare of the dress worked well for my body type. I paired this dress with gladiator lace ups to add to the whole angelic feeling!


Look 2






The favorite part about my childhood was wearing those pretty frocks and playing around. This piece brought out all my shenanigans from the past! The detailing on the front of this dress took it to another level. Oh, and the nikes surely helped me with all those ‘over-enthu’ posses!


Look 3






Dresses with trench coats are something we have seen a lot. But, when you create this with fabric like Khadi, it definitely is something different and innovative. The white dress with all over cutout detailing had a delicate feeling to it. I paired this whole look with red nikes to give a pop of color.


You can follow Pero on Instagram and Facebook for more. Do let me know which one look you loved the most in the comments below. I will be coming with more such exciting collaborations. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get further updates.

Wishing all you lovelies a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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